Family Therapy

We provide couples therapy to support parents of adolescents, teens, & young adults.  Couples & Family Therapy can create lasting, positive changes for both the individual, couple, and the family as a whole.  

Please contact us today to see how family therapy sessions may help to enrich your family and launch the family system towards success! 

Family Therapy can provide opportunities for family members to fully express themselves and to share their perspective struggles the family may be experiencing. At times Family Therapy can also provide additional support to ongoing individual therapy. 

Families are continuously changing as family members grow and enter new stages in life. These changes can cause a lot of stress on the family unit. I love helping families develop new and effective ways to handle these challenges times.

I enjoy creating a fun, easy-going environment that makes the process of change a little more enjoyable for everyone. Family Therapy can crate lasting, positive changes for the family as a whole. 

Call today for a free phone consultation to determine if family therapy is the right next step for you and your family.

Kirsten Hatcher, LMFT